Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Parsing Stored Procedure Result Set

One thing I've always wanted to be able to do is to parse the result set(s) of a stored procedure, so that I can easily create a structure to contain it's output. This thread on details a way to capture the output without knowing the structure ahead of time. This is done by using a linked server that loops back to itself, and then runs this statement:

select * into #t from openquery(loopback, 'exec yourSproc')

to select the results into a temp table, the metadata of which can then be parsed as needed. This leads to the 'pie in the sky' idea of a stored proc that, given the name of another stored proc, will output a CREATE TABLE script that mirrors the result set of the second stored proc.

Removing Trailing Zeroes

I recently encountered the classic problem of removing trailing zeroes from formatted numeric output, and after mocking up some complicated code and doing some research, I came across a thread that says to convert it to float before varchar. It's a perfect solution that is simple and works correctly.