Thursday, August 19, 2010

PivotTable SQL Code

I want to write TSQL code that will pivot any given table. The way I imagine it, is that I implement this code as a stored proc, which accepts a table name as parameter. It returns a result set comprising the perfect pivot of that table. The result set need not be named, but could be inserted into a table. It will have to convert all values to varchar (or char for easier printing; perhaps can have a switch as a parameter).

Structure of return set:

AttribName AttribValue_Row1 ... AttribValue_RowN
---------- ---------------- ... ----------------

So, how do we do this? We can easily pivot the column names into values for 'AttribName' by pulling from Sys.Columns view. The problem then becomes how do we pivot the attribute values into the genericized column?

We need to first pivot the data into this structure:

AttribName AttribValue Row Number
---------- ----------- ----------

Then we can self join the data set as many times as there are rows in the original data. Or not.

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