Thursday, May 12, 2011

Getting the Real Name of a Temp Table

If you've ever wanted to retrieve the schema for a temp table, you probably noticed that in the TempDb database, the name of your temp table is not quite the same (unless you're using a global temp table - this entry does not apply to those). Say that you create a temp table named "#tmp" in your development database. If you go into TempDb, for example in the Sys.Tables view, you will find your table name, but padded on the right with underscores and a string of digits, to a length of 128 characters. So if you try to look up the schema in TempDb.Information_Schema.Columns using "#tmp", it will fail. To alleviate this problem, I wrote a simple SELECT that returns the true name of that temp table as it is stored in TempDb:

SELECT TempTableName = OBJECT_NAME(OBJECT_ID('TempDb..#tmp'), (SELECT Database_Id FROM SYS.DATABASES WHERE Name = 'TempDb'))

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